Money by Design aims to offer its customers a complete payment interface that integrates the best features of this time. Along with that, we’re going to introduce crypto users to the cheapest NFTs with big potential to invest in 2023.

The payment interface of Money by Design will allow tomorrow small and large companies as well as Administrations and Institutions to have a traceable, transparent, fast and efficient payment system thanks to the blockchain technology.

While current bank payment systems are slow, expensive, risky and only allow to manage fiat money, the payment system of Money by Design is designed to process fiat, crypto and accounting units of value. Many businesses find crypto payments to be the ideal option for international transactions. Crypto trading can be improved with crypto robots that use AI technology. Check the Bit Index AI Erfahrungen blog to find out more about a crypto robot that can help traders to bring better results.

This universal payment system will be accessible to consumers by means of a classic payment card:

  • It will give companies the opportunity to offer their customers new means of payment.
  • It will enable governments to implement a more efficient fiscal policy.
  • It will allow development banks to make fund distributions without intermediaries and with better control.


The difference in functionality between existing currencies and the GeoToken can be viewed in the same light as that of the rotary phone and a modern smart phone.
The Money By Design Blockchain is a modular monetary construction method.
It provides a simple way to build and classify numerous monetary and financial instruments for all activities.
It therefore creates the first user-oriented monetary, economic and financial system.

With the Money By Design Blockchain, anyone can now use his currency in the following manner:



● Digitally reproduce the circulation of existing currencies (national currencies and cryptocurrencies) through a financial tracker that allows real-time access to all values.
● Propose unlimited combinations of various currencies and indexes.

by using this unique wallet to acquire and combine different kind of tokens and assets


● Focus intelligence on back office operations and CIB solutions for banks directly by the currency itself.
● Shift bank accounts directly by digital currency as part of transactions with third parties.

Using the token as a means of payment multi-devices (smartphone, IoT, debit card).


● Use the electronic payment infrastructures as infrastructures for secure electronic voting.
● Introduce voting procedures that preferably allow people to express themselves on all propositions.

and participate in community decisions by giving tokens a governance function.



● Make the transition from micro-payments to nano-payments possible
● Create democratic and autonomous monetary spaces.

to apprehend some markets on different scales and make wallets truly secure.


● Make the unitary authentication of works of art possible, prevent duplication, and restore the value chain of creations.
● Create evaluation and monetization protocols for technological assets, and by extension for the goodwill of businesses.

by monetizing assets and guaranteeing the authenticity of their value.


● Scale up the Blockchain infrastructure so that it achieves a higher transaction volume than the Visa card.
● Use circular exchange systems in order to provide maximum e-commerce growth.

through specific algorithms where one can define the currency management rules and values


● In the absence of a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, organise a functional brick enabling users to choose their own commercial, tax, civil or criminal law
● Create ethical, ecological, societal and sustainable currencies.

By framing and structuring all social and economic relations.



the valuation of its token, completely shielded from extreme and speculative behaviors, but in accordance with the expectations of real investors, institutions and users.

Economic Value

based on the value of its technological assets and on the user benefits

Social Value

based on the growth of users and resulting from the Metcalfe formula

The combination of these 2 values enables the 1st cryptocurrency with a reference price:

  • based on a tangible computation formula
  • that offers exponential and secure payouts.



  • 2005Olivier Rocca works on the link between currency and democracy and wrote 2 books “Money and Consciousness” and “The Logic Theory of Democracy”
  • July 2014Creation of Voxcracy, based on a mathematical discovery that bypasses the Condorcet Paradox

  • August 2017Money By Design first appears in an essay that Olivier Rocca and his associates, Pascal Ruscica, Yann Soliveres and Pierre Corbucci wrote during the summer, that emphasizes the lost functionalities that were once embedded in currencies

  • December 2017Requested by an International bank, Money By Design presents its revolutionary project, which the bank agrees to support
  • January 2018Money By Design is presented at the Las Vegas CES, and announces its cooperation with Bitfury

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